ACC Plan Submission

Plan Submission Requirements

Incomplete submissions cannot be accepted. The following forms are required for submission and must accompany your plans. Forms can be downloaded here: FORMS

  • Building Submittal Checklist
  • Landscape Submittal Checklist
  • Jobsite Rules Form

If you would like to defer your landscape submittal, please note “Deferral” on the landscape submittal checklist. Please be aware that there is a 100.00 fee for landscape plan deferral. Landscaping may not be started without approved plans by the ACC.

Plans cannot be reviewed until your construction deposit is received by Metro Property Services. Metro Property Services will notify the ACC once your deposit is received. It is suggested that you also email a copy of your deposit receipt to the ACC at: [email protected]

Once your deposit is received, your plans will be reviewed by the ACC.

When you are ready to submit all documentation and plans click submit below.