To report gate problems please email or use the form at the bottom of this page

Quick tips:

  • When using a 4-digit gate code to open a gate, enter the “#” key first, then the four-digit code.
  • When using a 3-digit directory code (your lot #), do not enter the “#” key.
  • To open a gate remotely (calls from your directory) press the “9” button on your phone (it may be
    necessary to hit the “9” key a few times). You will know the gate opened if your phone automatically
    If you do not know the person calling from your directory, hang up or press the “#” key on your phone.
  • Set up the gate as a contact in your phone for directory calls:
    • Set up the west gate as a contact in your phone (480-888-1434).
    • Set up the south gate as a contact in your phone (480-677-8947).
  • Obtain/request a code for all vendors, contractors, real estate agents, and service companies.
  • Request a temporary “Event code” for personal events, gatherings or functions.
  • Major delivery companies already have codes provided to them (UPS, Fed-x, USPS)
  • For further information or questions contact Gary Munson at